Phra Pikanet (Ganesh)


Pic : Phra Pikanet Statue create and bless by Luang Phor Somphrom. (The tip of the trunk is on the left side represent wealth – side luck).

Phra Pikanet is very famous God not only in Hinduism but also Theravada Buddhism. Phra Pikanet / Ganesha are small master(小师)in Theravada Buddhism. If we are inviting gods during our prayer we will first invite Phra Pikanet. In Theravada Buddhism he is know as the God to open the path for the praying ceremony.

Phra Pikanet is the son of Shiva (God of destruction) and Parvati (God of Wealth). Hence, he carry the power of destruct obstacle and wealth. Due to he is bless by the three most high level gods – Phra Phrom, Phra Narai and Shiva. He become the Gods of the battle. Meaning, if you are going to invite Deva to the prayer ceremony you have to invite Phra Pikanet. In Chinese mythology, the one holding the authority of control the troops of Gods is Nazha San Tai Zi(哪吒三太子)whereas in Theravada Buddhism is Phra Pikanet. In layman term Phra Pikanet is like the defence minister holding the authority in commanding the troops.

Phra Pikanet is one of the Dharma protector in Theravada Buddhism. He is one of the wealth god in Tibet. Whoever carry him will be protected from harm and wealth enhencement.

The words OM represent him and OM this words also represent light. In Theravada Buddhism if you chant the words OM in the version of light. Phra Pikanet will appear. So if you are recite OM MA NI PAD MI HUM. Then the first God inviting are Phra Pikanet to protect you. OM this word is also the first sound appear in the world. Theravada Buddhist chant OM with a short verse. However, in Hinduism they recite OM with a long verse. The sound produce the same as the bowl(钵)sound. That why in Mahayana Buddhism before they started to recite the Sutra they will sound the bowl(钵)with a stick to produce the sound of OM (long verse).

They are many different types of Phra Pikanet’s statue. The most people’s overlook is the tip of the trunk point on the left side or right side. To determine it point on the right side or left side is to place the Phra Pikanet in front of you. If the tip of the trunk is on the left is mean left. The tip of the trunk on the left means wealth and if on the right means spiritual.

It is believe that if you make offer to Phra Pikanet that tip of the trunk is on left, you are asking for wealth enhancement and  side luck. As for Phra Pikanet the tip of the trunk is on right side meaning spirit connected. This is commonly found in most of the Phra Pikanet’s statue. So if you are choosing a Phra Pikanet’s statue you may have to take this into your consideration.

Phra Phrom Wat Sakae

Phra phom

Pic : Phra Phrom. Temple : Wat Sakae. Master : Luang Phor Doo.

Phra Phrom not only famous in Thailand and is know through out the world. Due to Erawan Shine in Bangkok. Phra Phrom is commonly know as four face Buddha. He is one of the Dharma protector in Buddhism. In Chinese he is known as(梵天)or Heaven God(天公). His duty are creator of the universe. In Hinduism, there are three highest level of gods. They are Phra Phrom, Phra Narai and Shiva. It is believed that Phra Phrom create the universe, Phra Narai balance the universe and Shiva is to end world.

Seldom people known that Phra Phrom in Erawan Shine are made of paper and is from temple Wat Sakae. Everyone thought that Phra Phrom are made of metal. Wat Sakae is famous in creating Phra Phrom. One of it master who is good in creating Phra Phrom is Luang Phor Doo. It is also believe that Luang Phor Doo can spiritual connected to Luang Phor Thuat. A master that live in Thailand around 500 years ago.

Phra Phrom in Theravada Buddhism is believe that as long as you have achieved the four great merit in your lifetime you be able to achieve the level of Phra Phrom. The four great merit are Metta, Karuna, Mudita and UPekkha. That why it is believe that those who make offer to Phra Phrom will gain good fortune, luck and wealth.

Offering a statue of Phra Phrom in house or office may not be help you in Business or your household. As offering to Phra Phrom require a very open and big space. In order to suit the Geomancy that you offer the prayer. This is different from wearing a Phra Phrom amulet.

There is no special Katha in Phra Phrom. In Thervada Buddhism most of the master recite the four great merit Sutra. This Sutra remind all Buddhist to follow and practise of the four great merit.

For ladies please do not get confused by others said that you need to dance naked in front of Phra Phrom to get what you wish for. Having the four great merit does not required you to do that. For those who believe it time to change and get your believe correct.



Yesterday, I came across in Youtube that there are Ajahn (master) provide special kind of service. It required the female devotee to be full naked and the Ajahn (master) will strip himself off to do the change of luck for the devotee. What I’m going to empathize is that for my belief and what my master taught me we do not do that.

There isn’t any shortcut or special ways to get your luck changed. Ritual that works is depend on how strict the master led his path and how he gain his merit. Chanting of Sutra and Katha are left by Buddha. There are precepts we Ajahn (master) have to keep in order for the Katha or chanting works. In short it is our vow and meditation that make the Katha works.

During my younger days while I’m training under my current teacher. I’m told that there is this so called Ajahn (master). Who promise a lady that he can change her luck by doing a special ritual. This special ritual required the lady to strip naked. The so called master will use fragrance flower oil and gold leaf to go over her body. In believing the so called master. The lady did what the master did. While perform the ritual half way the so call master strip himself and have intercourse with the lady. The so call master was later apprehend by the police.

Well if you talk about change of luck a good Ajahn (master) will not do that. Yes. There is ritual to do it but not in this way. The most common is offered prayer to Rahu. Of course there is bath blessing water (with clothes on) to wash away the bad luck.

Please don’t take me as those so called Ajahn (master) I mentioned above. They and me are different in practised and I confirm they have walked and will bring you to the wrong way.



Pic : Pidta Ma A U (Six Arm) – Below Ajahn Chum’s katha. For Rent.

This pidta is very special. It has the feature of Sangkrachai yet in the shape of Pidta Ma A U.

This is the combine of two Pidta. Pidta Mahalap which is for enhance of wealth and good fortune. It also for protection and prevent mishap happening as it is in the shape of Pidta Ma A U.

Any Pidta more then four arm are consider Pakrawan. The highest level of Pidta Ma A U.

Pakrawan not only prevent from mishap happening it also fight back the evil magic that cast onto you. Pakrawan is reincarnation of Devdatta who speak bad about Buddha during Buddha times. He was sent to hell and he realised his mistake. He made a vow to rebirth and save the people. Thousand years later, he at last gain enlightenment and become a Buddha. As he is ashame of what he has done to Buddha. He cover his face and he cried. This is how the image of Pakrawan come about. Not only he protect people but also fight against evil.

In fact, looking for a good Pakrawan is very difficult. Few master manage to success in making good Pakrawan. With this not only it bless with protection it also enhance wealth and fortune.

Corpse Oil

Recently, I have watch Youtube. There is news on effect of using corpse oil to improved luck and charm. It a symbol that we are going to end Buddhism. People losing faith and trust on authentic Buddhism. They believe that using spirit is faster than praying to Buddha and follow way.

I cannot blame them having this kind of thinking. Indeed, we are moving so fast that we don’t even know. Everyone wants instant effect. That made way for the use of corpse oil. However, without proper knowledge on how to extract and proper ritual to make corpse oil with not only harm others it will also harm you.

You must understand that there is no shortcut in life. Everything you gain in this world is thru your gain of merit. Nothing is free. However, since people like to have more knowledge on corpse oil. Then I shall let you know the correct procedure in extracting the oil.

First, when extract the corpse oil from the corpse. The corpse must not passed away before 48 hours.  The body of the corpse must not store in freeze or frozen. Reason very simple once after 48 hours of the death the spirit will enter in another world hence you can’t ask permission to extract the oil. Why not freeze the corpse, so that you can extract the oil thru flame of the candle. The corpse can move upright for you to extract the oil.

Before, extracting the corpse oil. There is a few offering item to be prepare. (This part I will not write what item is required). After entering the room, the person will light a white candle and chant a Katha. He will ask permission if the extract of the oil is allow. If the corpse allow he/she will sit upright. This time the master will use the candle and burn the area below the chin of the corpse. Transparent liquid will form below the chin. This time the master will use a small bottle to collect the oil. Why small bottle because only small quality can only be collected. After, the collection the master will chant a Katha and he will use his hand to close the eyelid of the corpse. the corpse will fall back to it lying place.

After going back the master will chant Buddhism Sutra for days to appeased the dead before sold the oil. (Most of the master now skip this part).

You must understand that the oil is transparent, there is no smell to it and small bottle. The corpse oil is not cut the meat from the body and fry it. If there is smell and colour in the corpse oil it mean that it has mixed with some other oil. Usually is the flower oil. If you smell bad smell this mean the oil is extract thru other means.

The corpse oil are not supposed to be touched or taken. If you are down on your luck you will be even more down.

People always mixed up with normal flower oil with corpse oil. Corpse oil is illegal but flower oil is legal. Corpse oil due to black market it is expensive where flower oil is at cheap price.

What is the purpose of the corpse oil? It is used to control ones mind. However, due to the addict to the use of corpse oil. People will fall into the dark side – Greed.

Corpse oil will not enhance the power of the amulet. The spirit of the corpse will eventually residue in the amulet. Given time it will help you to get you want to addict to it. Once you fall on it, you will never recongised yourself.

Now a lot of master practised extract of corpse oil due to the demand market in China and Southeast Asia. Not knowing the harm of using corpse oil not only get yourself kill even your love ones get affected.

Before using remember you reap what you sowed. Karma is not instant but you cannot decline it existent.

Btw, don’t ask me for the Katha of the corpse oil or if I have sold any. I don’t have and I won’t entertain you. What I learn from my previous master for the corpse oil already gone with them. I don’t recall any.

Lersi Saming


Pic : Lersi Saming created by master L.P. Nien. (For Rent)

Lersi Saming is one of the 108 Lersi which I mentioned early in my blog.

Purpose of wearing and offers prayer to Lersi Saming for authority, outcast of black magic, metta mahaniyom (loving -kindness from everyone), guard wealth and prevent back stabber.

Empathize the creation of 108 Lersi is to help different types of people from all sort of lifes. Choosing a Lersi for oneself is depend very much fate. Lersi in Buddhism is consider under Xian(仙). For those who interested in practise wicha will go under the homage of Lersi first. Practise a higher level of Lersi will go fruits as their source of foods. Lersi don’t take meat even they represent certain animal. e,g. Lersi Saming.

Change of face is consider very high attainment of wicha under Lersi. This spell original from Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva is consider as Lersi. This spell they call it changes of nine faces.

Some people may mistaken that Lersi Saming is Chinese legend Tiger God(虎爷)or even Tiger that ride by God. This is no true. Lersi Saming is more powerful and higher level. No doubt they may carry the same effectiveness. Wearing Lersi Saming must not put under the waist. If place at home it will be good to put on the table or altar.

Lersi Saming is generally good for all horoscope except those born in the year of the monkey. Lersi Saming is specially good for those who born in the year of Tiger. Lersi Saming is good for people who circle of friends / enemy who keep Nam Man Prai (Corpse Oil) or one’s pray Barang.



Pic : Me with Lersi Por Gae Tai Fai.

Questions in people’s mind who are Lersi and what is the purpose of praying to Lersi. How many are there?

Lersi are ancient practitioner. They stay in the secluded area and majority lives on fruits. Most of them wear tiger skin as their clothing. Before Buddha’s enlightenment, he did went under the refuge of Lersi for several years. However, knowing that the way to Lersi cannot end the sufferings. Buddha decided to find his own path for enlightenment.

There are 108 Lersi. Actually more then that. However, we used 108 as a guide line. The most famous are the top five where people now are praying. They are Lersi Tai Fai, Lersi Na wah, Lersi Por Gae, Lersi Narai and Lersi Narot.  Majority of the people praying are Lersi Tai Fai and Lersi Por Gae.

Lersi Tai Fai are Lersi with the third eye. A lot of people understand that the Third eye is fire eye. Some even stated that once Lersi opened his third eye he can burn down everything because his third eye has the power of  Samin fire(三昧真火). It the same power of written in the journey to the west where the monkey king Sun Wu Kong is throw in the urn where he his burn under Samin fire for 49 days.  However, little people know the third eye know as Tong Tian Eye(通天眼). This eye has the power to see Gods, Heaven, Ghost, Hell, Buddha, Hell and even see the future. This eye is different from Yin Yang Eye(阴阳眼)where it can see only ghost. People make offer to Lersi Tai fai for Geomancy, fortune telling, medicine and spiritual guidance. It is know that once you place Lersi Tai Fai in the house all evil spiritual wander in the house will be dispel out.

Lersi Por Gae most of the Sakyant master offer prayer to him. He is know for written Kom (Sakyant) on leaves, paper and metal for devotees and also on the bodies. He is famous in his meditation and chanting. It is believed that Hanuman’s master is Lersi. Every time when Lersi is chanting Hanuman will sit on the tree and listen carefully. Most master prayed to Lersi Por Gae for recharge Sakyant on devotees bodies or even amulet and Tarkuts. That is why I normally invite Lersi Por Gae to chant for devotees. This is to re-charge their amulet and even Sakyant on their bodies.

For re-charged of Sakyant and amulet you can look for me @ 80 Changi Road, Centropod #02-39 Singapore 419715. Mobile No : +65 81009358.