Buddhajayamangalagatha is specially passed down by Buddha. This Sutra is used by Buddha to defend Mara under the Bodhi tree.

The story of Buddha as we know he mediate under the Bodhi tree and gain his enlightenment there. It is on Thursday night a full moon. (Thursday is consider the most powerful day of the week as Buddha gain his enlightenment that why if you are having Sakyant tattoo or Wai Kru it is the best to have it on Thursday). However, after Buddha enlightenment he did not get up from the Bodhi tree. He continued to mediate under the Bodhi tree to enjoy the peace in his heart. Two days later, a big snake pass by and see the radiation the Buddha giving out, as it going to rain. The snake curve itself up and cover Buddha prevent it drench by the rain. This is what we know Naprok (Saturday Buddha). After the rain the snake goes away.

Tao Wessuwan appeared in front of Buddha informing him that Mara is leading his troops coming to seek confrontation with Buddha. Before leaving he left Buddha a Sutra to fight against Mara that is Buddhajayamangalagatha. Buddha use this Sutra to fight against the troops of Mara turning their weapons into flower. Lastly, invite the mother earth to wash away Mara’s troops.

Before Buddha left Bodhi tree he did walking around the tree three times clockwise in the respect for the shelter the tree gives. Is why Buddhist will walk around Buddha, Temple and Trees three times clockwise in the respect for it.

Story is different from what you guys have read and watch right? Well it depend on your faith and believe on Buddhism. Of course Buddhajayamangalagatha is one of the Sutra that we used to fight against evil spirit.

Somdej Ajahn Toh

A lot of people have this questions in their mind why Ajahn Toh recite prayer have to place both his right fist above the left fist? What is the purpose?

Today I would like to write something fewer people knows about my grand master Somdej Ajahn Toh (Above Pic).

Ajahn Toh is the first master to create Somdej that has been identified as the king of amulets. The Katha using to create this amulet is Jinapanjara Gatha (The Victor’s Cage).

This Katha is left down by Angulimala. One of Buddha disciple who is a series killer before under the refuge of Buddha. One day Angulimala is asking for alms and he pass by a house where the lady in house is in labour. However, she has difficulties in the labour. Angulimala out of compassion sit down and meditate asked Buddha to help.  Buddha told him that the house has evil spirit and it prevent the lady from labouring. Buddha told him to recite Jinapanjara Gatha to bless the lady. Angulimala asked Buddha if he can bless the lady as he has committed crime before. Buddha told him that since he is a free man as he has already paid for the crime he committed. Therefore he can bless the lady for a smooth labour. Angulimala did what Buddha teaches him and the lady and the child is safe.

Ajahn Toh shorten this Jinapanjara Gatha into 16 sentences (without reduce it effectiveness) and he use it to create Somdej amulet. Somdej is created in three temple in Bangkok. They are Wat Rakang, Wat Phra Keow and Wat Bang Khun Prom. However, before he recite Jinapanjara Gatha he will make prayer to invite Tao Wessuwan. The prayer goes like this : E Ti Pi So Pa Ka Wa, Ya Ma Ra Ca No “Tao Wessuwano” Ma Ra Nang Su Kang Ara Ha Su Ka To Na Mo Put Ta Ya. While he recite this prayer he vision Tao Wessuwan and he place his right fist above left fist representing Tao Wessuwan.

Ajahn Toh did mention before the goodness of having one offer prayer to Tao Wessuwan. He said for those who offer daily prayer to Tao Wessuwan good fortune will come in two weeks time. True or not is for you to test and find out yourself.

There are of course mystical review on Ajahn Toh creating Somdej. It is mentioned by my master that after Ajahn Toh created Somdej he will put the Somdej in the river (Behind Wat Rakang ) and went back to the temple recite Jinapanjara Gatha. The Somdej in the river will flew back to the temple. Those that flew back to the temple will then be given to the devotees. That is why Somdej owns the name king of amulet. True or not I’m don’t know as I’m not born during that time to see the whole process. It for you to judge yourself.

Hanuman Katha

Recently I received enquiry on what is Hanuman? What is the purpose of offering prayers to Hanuman? Hanuman is the monkey god from Hinduism.

Hanuman is invincible to weapons. Hence most people tattoo Hanuman’s Sakyant for Kongkrapan (invincible to weapons). Hanuman is kind in nature if one asking for protection from it have to have a kind-heart. Only those compassionate people will be able to trance Hanuman once the Katha recited. Apart from Kongkrapan, Hanuman can be used to exorcist a house or an area. When you want to exorcist a place using Hanuman. It is the best to burn ninety-nine pieces of yellow paper with Hanuman picture printed on it. This is to invite the spirit of Hanuman to clean the place.

Hanuman carry different weapons and of course represent different meaning. For Hanuman carry Bow and Arrow represent out ride govt. oppress. Carry an Axe represent clearing of backstabber. Carry a sword represent justify. Carry a flag represent in Command / Authority etc.

Different numbers of arm represent different level of Hanuman. The basic level of Hanuman is only having a pair of arms and having five pair of arms is the highest level of Hanuman. Hanuman comes with speed of lights hence if you are in danger they come to assist you in second. Of course this come with a compassion heart. Cursing and swearing your own or others people parents is a big taboo. It will definitely less the effectiveness of wearing a Hanuman.

Can Hanuman enhance wealth? I did ask this questions with one of the past master and get shoot back. If you are in good health with legs and hands able to work don’t you think it already enhance your wealth? Well of course there are Hanuman to bring wealth. One good example is having Luang Phor Phoon’s (Wat Pailom) amulet. It does carry good fortune. It always depend on who is the master as he practise on Metta Mahalap or Kongkrapan. It is the master who carry the mystical power in making the amulet.

Katha on Hanuman (Heart) : Hanuman Na Ah. (Call upon Hanuman).

Katha on Luang Phor Phoon (Wealth) : Khoon Kong La Mak, Na Cha Ri It.

Jatukam Ramathep Blessing

What is Jatukam Ramathep? What is the purpose of praying / wearing Jatukam Ramathep? What can Jatukam Ramathep Blessing help? Jatuakm Ramathep are the names of two princes form Sri Langka. They are believed to be the reincarnation of Goddess of Mercy. For those who wear Jatukam Ramathep will process good fortune and extreme good luck. Due to their firm faith in Buddhism and follow the the path of Buddha. They have reached the level of Bodhisattva. As their Katha goes by this : Jatukam Ramataywah “Bodhisathang” (meaning Bodhisattva) Mahetithang A Hang Pujaymi Si Ti La Pho Ni Nganh Thang Na Mo Put Ta Ya. From this Katha you will be able to tell that Jatukam is at the level of Bodhisattva.

Jatukam’s Blessing not only have extreme good luck, they can use to exorcist evil spirit. There were article that master used Jatukam’s katha not only exorcist evil spirit they also used it to clean away black magic.

Jatukam’s amulet comes with Rahu in eight directions. It symbol the protection from the eight direction. It prevent backstabber from all directions. People use to believe that Rahu is the subordinate of Jatukam. However, this is not true. the purpose of Rahu is to protect the wear safe. It is used to enhance the power of Jatukam. As Rahu is one of the protector of Buddhism. Rahu made wishes to Buddha to eat up negative forces and evil spirit as his source of food. So while you invite Jatukam Ramathep, Rahu will follow behind.

Since Jatukam Ramathep are princes they process good fortune. Their fortune can be compared to SangKraChai and Sivali.

One of my friend who practise meditation using Jatukam often sees dark shadow flying pass his sight. It is later understood that the dark shadow is cast by Rahu. Hence for those practise meditation using Jatukam amulet do not be alarmed if you are seeing dark shadow while you are practising.

People often pray to Jatukam for sales also. I do have review from one of my friend that he often ask Jatukam to help him to assist his sales to hit the target set by the company. After praying he often hits the target. However, he mentioned that he does not often do that. As his company will put a higher quota which is impossible for him to reach. ( Sometime we have to be sure what we ask for).

People always ask me what makes Jatukam so special? We must understand that the first to create Jatukam’s amulet is by Ajahn Khun Pan. Ajahn Khun Pan uses eight different types of “Na” Tailsment on Jatukam. This Eight different of “Na” symbol eight different directions. It not only invite Deva from all side it also empower the amulet.

Wealth Fetching Amulet

Which amulet is wealth fetching? How do I wear them? People use to tell me if you wan the most wealth fetching is to wear BenjaPakee which are : Phra Somdej, Phra Nangphaya, Phra Rod, Phra Hong Su Pan and Phra Som. However, I don’t agreed with this. Yes, Benjapakee is consider the top five amulet in Thai Buddhism. But not as wealth fetching as I known. To me if you want to wear the five wealth fetching amulet is : SangKaChai, Sivali, Phra Phom, Phra Pikanet and Wat Phra Keow. As we know SangKaChai and Sivali are famous for wealth enhancement. SangKaChai is Sivali master both practise Metta Mahalap. Whenever they goes they are able to find food and prosperous the area they stay. For Phra Phom is famous of granting wishes. Phra Phom practise the four merit of the Deva (highest form) which is Metta, Karuna, Mudika and Upekha. One who carry it will get the help from all Deva. Phra Pikanet is one of our Buddhist wealth god. It remove and destroy all obstacle of the wearer. Lastly Wat Phra Keow: Prince Siddhartha (Before he renounce and become a Buddha) meditate under a tree. Wat Phra Keow represent wealth, riches and authority. Whoever wear it will have very good fortune.

If your are praying on your Alter, I will suggest a different way. As we know, Phra Phom is not suitable to pray at home. It will not work the best out of it. Praying praying at home you need to have a Buddha on the top center of the Alter. You can choose any one Buddha / Luang Phor that you like so that you can have Seven (have to be in odd number) statue on your Alter. The five Deva are : Tao Wessuan, Phra Pikanet, Phra Rahu, Naga and Phra Krut (Not suitable for those who born in the year of dragon and snake). For those who cannot pray to Phra Krut you can use Hanuman (esp. created by L.P Phoon Wat Pailom). This five Deva represent the five direction. Hence those who offer prayer to them will get very good fortune wherever they goes.

What if I offer prayer to Kumatong, which should I choose. There are five types of Kumantong if you can find them gather them and if you pray to them they are able to enhance your wealth. They are created by Luang Phor Teh / Luang Phor Yeam (Wat Sahm Ngahm), Luang Phor Phoon (Wat Pailom), Luang Phor Pern (Wat Bang Phra), Luang Phor Hong (Wat Petchaburi) and Luang Phor Somchai (Wat Dan Gwee An). Having pray to these five Kumantong not only enhance wealth sometime they will also give you side luck.

Erect of Shine Pillar (Geomancy)

Shine Staff

One of my customer has asked me if there is Geomancy to be done on a country?  Yes, there is. This is one of the reason in Thai Buddhism we will erect a shine pillar.

Purpose of erecting a shine pillar is not only to rest the spirit around the surrounding, it also help to prevent natural disaster and political instability. There is also certain measurement to the shine pillar. The base to hold the shine pillar has to be design with the universe. Apart for the design, the pillar material of the woods has to be carefully selected (note : it has to be one big piece wood no joints on glue to be use). It is believed that woods like Raja Kayu(帝王木)have already power to resist evil spirit and keeping the area safe. Most of the heads of the shine pillar are also specially design this required a skillful craftsman to do the job. It is common to craft the shine heads into four face Buddha (Phra Phom). The date and time on erecting the shine pillar have to be carefully selected as it generated energy from the surrounding. Conceal chant onto the pillar needs a skillful master to do it in order for the pillar to works the best.

If it can helps a country can it help on the devotee? Yes, it can. When erecting a shine pillar if the master uses the eight character of the owner to match the timing of erecting the pillar then it not only help the owner but also the devotee who went offer prayer to it.

Erecting of Shine Pillar usually advice when there is a lot evil spirit reckoning the area. E.g. Political instability, frequent accident and natural disaster. Shine Pillar represents authority to suppress and outcast the evil spirit around the surrounding. It helps to avoid political repression for the owner.

Is there any harm done in erecting a shine pillar? Nope. Unless you consider that tree use to build shine pillar.

Fortune Telling

I received enquiry on fortune telling. I would like to said for fortune telling is mainly using eight characters to calculated the fortune of a person. It is divided into two types one is Xiao Xian(小限) and Da Xian(大限). For Xiao Xian is one year prediction and Da Xian is ten years prediction. What are the purpose? For Xiao Xian it check whether your luck is good for that year, e.g. if your luck is good then chances of getting a better job is there. For Da Xian is ten years forecast. This is for future planning e.g. when is the best time to start a business and natural of the business. However, this prediction is no fully accurate. it does not calculate the Karma you have made in this life. Hence it does have the changes. Of course the guidance from the master is also one of the factor.

In order to cover that fortune telling involved Can Bu(占卜)。For Can Bu only last for two weeks as karma appeared very fast. So what does Can Bu tells? For me I divide Can Bu into two areas. First is Business and Home, second is life circle. For business and home questions, I like to use Golden Tortoise Ancient Coins(金龟卦)to do the telling. Golden Tortoise Ancient Coins telling is asking the advice for the universe to look for an answer. Using the energy from the universe to source the Qi inside you to check the status of your luck. this can trace the energy of your business to find a solution for you. As for checking Life Circle, I will used poker cards to do the telling. This will be able to check if you are under black magic or having backstabber. This because paper is the closer material to human. Using a chanted Poker Cards will able to determine if the person is under a spell or evil spirit. As it will reflected on the cards. Of course the interpretation on the cards depend on how skillful the Master is.

If both cannot be trace then the last resort for the master is to go under deep meditation to find the source of problem for you. This is called heaven eye(开天眼). This of course most of the master does not want to use this, as it goes against the nature of the life. It will have the bad influence on the Master if things does not work out on the devotees. In my life I only heard my master mention only a few Thai master been doing this out of exceptional case. One of the past master is Luang Phor Chaem Wat Donyailom. He did tell one of his disciple on how to escape his mishaps.

However, story are story doing good deeds will definitely make this world a better place esp. those voiceless animal. Don’t you think so?