Luang Phor Perm

Pic: Luang Phor Perm’s Amulet (Front & Back) from Temple Wat Brang Phra.

Luang Phor Perm Wat Brang Phra is one of the famous guru in Thailand. He is famous for his Sakyant especially his Tiger Yant. Because of this many people mistaken him as an Arahant but in actual fact, Luang Phor Perm has attained Bodhisattva. you might ask what is the difference between Arahant and Bodhisattva?  Practicing Arahant and Bodhisattva will eventually reached Nirvana.  Arahant once reach this stage have already complete their practice.   Whereas Bodhisattva will stay to  spread their teaching in hope to save the people in ending their sufferings. It is the vow that reaches out for people makes one a Bodhisattva. Not by the Sutra reciting or practices. That is why make offering to Luang Phor Perm will able to help you in your everyday life.

People may wonder why Luang Phor Perm’s amulet had him sitting on a tiger.  During his youth, Luang Phor Perm had ever been to Tudong (Meditation in a forest ) . After his retreat he saw a Tiger walking around the cave where he stay. And because of that it became his trademark.

His amulet beside works wonder for protection,  Luang Phor Perm is also famous for his Metta Mahaniyom (well-liked by others). That is why people always carry his amulet for good relationship.

Wednesday Buddha

LP Liew Buddha.jpg

Pic : Wednesday Buddha (Phra Um Bhat). Temple : Wat Rai Thang Tong.

Wednesday Buddha Thai people called it Phra Um Baht. It meaning receiving alms.

Most people thinks that seven days Buddha are suitable only when you are born on that day. This is not true. The meaning behind the Buddha posture is more important.

Wednesday Buddha everyone knows that this is Buddha receiving alms. Receiving alms represent loving kindness (Metta). It is only when others have mercy on you then they will be giving you foods. This also building good spiritual relationship around the surroundings. Buddhism empathize on giving and receiving. Apart from building good relationship. We also understand that Buddha’s alms bowl represent protection. During Buddha’s time, Buddha ask one of his disciple (Sivali) to release a group of evil spirit trapped in a city. Buddha’s instructed Sivali to take his alms bowl and scoop water from a river and sprinkler water around the city after recite the Ratana Sutra to release the hate of evil spirit.

In Buddhism alms bowl and robes represent Buddha. In Chinese -(衣钵)

Making of amulet

A lot of questions in people’s mind, how do we judge if the amulet is powerful and what is the process of the amulet? First, we must understand that making of amulet does not comes from Buddha’s teaching. For making and wearing of amulet is what we called wicha(玄术). The purpose of wicha is to protect and grant what you wishes. My first master who teach me the path to Buddhism is thru introduce me Thai amulet. I remember that he told me there is no amulet in the world will give you forever life, forever wealth and forever healthy. The main motivate is to protect you from harm of spirit and less of your suffering in this world.

What type of material is use in making amulet? It depend on what material gather by the master in involving making the amulet especially what they intent to give to the wearer. Example: Ajahn Chum (Wat Kao Or), he will use fragment of the brick from histrionic kru, temple soil and even gold dust to make Khun Paen. He choose the material that would brought wearer great fortune and wealth. Some master like Luang Phor Derm’s mitmor using coffin nails to do it, not because of spirit. But because there is lots of coffin nails left after the body of the decease being cremation. Nobody would dare to use the nail for other purpose. In order to solve this issue Luang Phor Derm uses the coffin nail and remake them into mitmor. For wearer to carry for protection.

A lot of people thinks that an amulet that is not conceive does not carry any effectiveness and they either throw away on the floor. Well, it is true that when an amulet is not proper conceive may invite evil spirit to reside in it. However, you must not anyhow discard it. When the object carry the image of Buddha or Gods you have to treat it with due respect. What you need to do is to bring the item to the temple if you don’t want it anymore.

What will happen to the item when they are given to the temple? Temple will choose a date and use the material mix with temple material to remake it into a new amulet. They will not waste the material.

People may ask will there be any harm in wearing an amulet not proper conceive. You see people wear Buddha make of jade, gold, etc. not conceive by temple. Any harm on them? No right.

Metta Senah Ritual

Metta Senah 2

Pic : Processing the Metta Senah Ritual for customer.

Metta Senah means people will have compassion on you.

Metta Senah ritual is for mostly people who are in sales or complex working environment. It is to improve the relationship between you and customer. There is a numerous way of doing the ritual. In the olden days, the ritual is to used fragrance flower oil and one big gold leaf for this ritual. However, due to modern technology the gold leaf and fragrance flower oil has made the ritual less effective. Apart from less effective due to the chemical use to process the oil and gold leaf some people with sensitive skins may face problem after the ritual.

Under the guidance of my master, I’m taught to use the same method to do the Metta Senah ritual by using the facial product provided by the customer. This is specially good for those who have sensitive skin. However, the facial product used must have flower extraction in it, in order for the ritual to be effective. This ritual is to use the Metta Senah Katha  on the product and devotees will use the product. The facial product together with the spell of the katha will penetrate into the skin. The spell will work whenever you goes you will be like by others. Will the spell break? Yes, it will that why one your facial product used up you have to do the ritual again. Metta Senah is not a ever lasting spell. This spell is for others to have compassion on you. Whether it your enemy of your associate. The ritual will help you to gain good relationship with your colleague or boss.

Somdej Wat Inn

Pic : Somdej from temple Wat Inn (BrangKunPhoon). Left to right : 16, 8 and 4 steps.

Somdej Wat Inn or Somdej BrangKhunPhoon carry the same name as Somdej Wat Rakang. Somdej is design, create and chanted by Somdej Ajahn Toh. Even the sutra to create Somdej is amended by Ajahn Toh. The sutra used to chant for somdej is know as Jinbanchor. This sutra is from Angulimalakang one of Buddha’s disciple who used this sutra taught and given by Buddha to bless a lady who is in hard labour. The original sutra is around 30 over sentences. Somdej Ajahn Toh amend the sutra into 16 sentences without reduce the effectiveness of the sutra. This is still practise in Thailand and even young children are able to recite the  prayer.

Why Somdej is created in Wat Inn (BrangkhunPhoon) ? Somdej Ajahn Toh stay in Wat Inn before he is invited to be abbot of Wat Rakang. That why when he created the amulet Somdej Wat Inn is also involved in making the amulet. Three temple are involved in creating and making the amulet. They are Wat Rakang, Wat Inn and Wat Phra Keow. The mould used to create Somdej by Wat Rakang and Wat Phra Keow are the same. However, Wat Inn have a unique mould. Their somdej have 4, 8 and 16 steps. This step has a deep meaning in the amulet.

For 4 steps represent the blessing of 4 element. Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.

For 8 steps represent the eight directions. Buddhism eight directions.(八正道)

For 16 steps represent the highest level of Deva –  The blessing for the Deva.

Somdej Wat Inn is famous in making holy water. It is believe that Somdej Wat Inn can cure sickness.

Luang Phor Liew Takrut


Pic : Takrut from Temple Wat Rai Tang Thong ( Luang Phor Liew’s Temple). Master Ajahn Chai Chum.

What is the different between takrut and amulet? What is the purpose? Is it more effective than amulet?

Takrut are metal sheet with sakyant written on it. This has been a practise since Buddha time. The purpose of carry a takrut depend on what sakyant or khom script on the metal. Different sakyant have different effectiveness on the wearer. Does it better than amulet. It really depend on the master who create the takrut and amulet.

Most of the time my advice to my customer on carry a takrut is to make up the less effectiveness on their amulet. For example, those who wear Luang phor Yeam’s Kumantong, Kumantong bring good luck and fortune for wearer. However, they are non-effective to protection especially black magic. Hence, having a good takrut for protection is very important. A lot of people misunderstand that all takrut are for protection and they test the takrut on knife and hurt badly. Not all takrut can prevent penetration of knife. It all depend the wicha on the master is practising. It does not mean that can prevent penetration of knife can prevent black magic. Some of the master practise is avoid of mishap. The takrut will protected you once you are in serious real danger. It will not work by any test. So if one day your friend ask you to test knife on the takrut you better think twice.

The takrut in the picture is for wearer to have good fortune and also prevent of mishap.This takrut has been soaked in holy water to enhance it effectiveness. That why you can see that the takrut had algae in it.

If you carry this takrut on your left side is for side luck, right side for sales luck, behind is for protection and prevent backstabbing and lastly in front for negotiation.

Gold Bell Amulet

Gold Bell

Pic : Gold Bell Amulet from temple Wat Brang Phra (Luang Phor Perm).

Everyone think that the amulet is the image of Buddha, Deva or animal and it makes people curious why amulet is the shape of the bell?

Bell in Buddhism represent waking or wisdom. It is also know that Bell represent protection. Before Somdej Toh born the bell in the temple and field sound by itself. Represent the newborn baby has wisdom and will bring enlightenment to those around him. Hence, the temple logo of Wat Rakang is the shape of a bell represent wisdom and enlightenment.

What is the purpose of carry golden bell amulet? It is for protection and clearing of bad luck. There are people who born are not suitable to carry image of Buddha, Gods and even animal due to their eight character. So this amulet is good for them to carry around. No matter where there are they are protect by the bell. The sound of the bell will clear away all bad luck and even outcast evil spirit. How about villains? If you have wisdom you will definitely out smart your enemy. In Buddhism, we do not empathize on fighting. It is to use our wisdom to defend our enemy or overcome any obstacle.

Misconception of sound of the bell is that it will attract evil spirit. This is not true. The sound of the bell represent Deva, hence carry bell amulet invite the protection of Deva.