Luang Phor Phoon (Wat Pailom)


Pic : Luang Phor Phoon amulet (Wat Pailom).

Luang Phor Phoon (Wat Pailom) had been famous in giving wealth to devotees. He is well like by local and oversea devotees. It is common for devotees who is down on luck or failure in life went to see him to get his blessing. Devotees who went for his blessing said that their life changes 360 degree. That earned him the name as Wealth Enhancement Monk.(财僧)

Why Luang Phor Phoon sits on Hanuman? One day while Luang Phor Phoon is mediating, a Hanuman appeared infront of him. After paid respect to Luang Phor Phoon. The Hanuman told Luang Phor Phoon that he is the guidance spirit of protecting Krut that keeps the relic of Buddha. However, due to time the Krut fallen apart and his mission completed. he passing by the temple and see there radiates coming out from the temple and he wish to follow Luang Phor Phoon and assist him in building up the temple again.

Luang Phor Phoon Wat Pailom not only famous for wealth enhancement. He is famous for his Hanuman amulet. His Hanuman amulet not only good in protection but also bring wealth and good fortune.

It is know that  the year number Luang Phor Phoon Wat Pailom passes away open in Thailand’s lottery. A lot of Thai people buy the number and able to get a fortune from it.

Till today, Luang Phor Phoon Wat Pailom body still keep in the temple for devotees to worship.

Wild Boar Amulet

wild boar amulet

Pic : Wild Boar Amulet from temple Wat Brang Phra (Luang Phor Perm’s Temple).

Most people thought that Wild Boar amulet is only for KongKrapan (Protection). However, they did not know it actually is for clearing of bad luck.

Why it uses the image of wild boar?  In Buddhism, we believed using the nature force as a helping tool for the devotees. We used the spirit in the universe to assist and bless the devotees with good luck and fortune. The nature of wild boar will charge straight if they meet their enemy. So if you are carry this holy wild boar amulet. If you meet any crisis in life you will be able to overcome the difficulties in life. As wild boar carry the strength and courage to dash over it. Apart from clearing away bad luck and outcast evil spirit. Wild boars amulet also defend it owner’s enemy. If you are working in a complex office environment. A wild boar amulet maybe suitable for you as it chase away your backstabber away.

Does wild boar bring good fortune? Yes. If you see Chinese Horoscope. Those who born in the year of pig usually have very good luck especial side luck. In our belief, pig carry very good fortune. In fact pig carry the Chinese words “Fu” 福.

Does wild boar amulet suitable for everyone? Yes. However, those who born in the year of the snake are not suitable to carry wild boar amulet. In Chinese Horoscope born in the year of Pig crash with those born in the year of Snake.

This wild boar amulet can wear above or below waist. It is suitable for those who works in entertainment industry or sales industry. Unlike tiger amulet, wild boar amulet does not chase away customer. If your in sales line and thinking of carry a tiger amulet why not carry a wild boar amulet which is more suitable in your careers path.

Sangkrachai and Sivali

Pic : from Left to Right Phra SangKraChai (Temple : Wat Brang Phra) and Phra Sivali (Temple : Wat Inn).

Phra SangKraChai and Phra Sivali are both for bring good fortune and wealth. Few people knows that they are actually master and disciple. Phra Sivali is actually Phra SangKraChai’s disciple. No doubt both of them are the disciple of the Buddha during Buddha’s time.

Both have great fortune however, compare SangKraChai has a greater merit then Sivali. We know hat for Sivali wherever he stay the village will turn prosperity and harmony. However, for SangKraChai wherever he stay the whole town will turn prosperity and harmony. For practitioner who wants to practise like SangKraChai have to start from Sivali.

So since SangKraChai is better than Sivali is it better to carry SangKraChai amulet then Sivali? No. On carry which amulet is better not depend on who is higher. But on the wearer current situation he/she is facing. E.g if you are just a small employee in a company, you are handling sales or admin job. You should carry Sivali instead of SangKraChai. Sivali has a better metta (loving-kindness) then SangKrachai. Wherever he goes he will be like by others esp. your boss good look. (Lesser office politics). However, if you carry SangKraChai due to the the strong fortune given by SangKraChai you will often meet enemy in office and your boss will not appreciate you. (you are unlikely a favourite person in office). Who are suitable to wear SangKraChai amulet. Bosses and manager position above are suitable to wear SangkraChai. As you need controlling power over your staff. You need good fortune to carry on the business lifeline. Apart from good fortune SangKraChai is good in avoiding legal dispute.

Since SangKraChai’s mantra is “Na Sang Si Mo” what is Sivali’s mantra? Sivali mantra is “Na Ca Ri Ti”.

Almost all metta amulet will have the ending “Na Ca Ri Ti”. This means that wherever you goes you are able to find food. Hence, this show how powerful Sivali can be.

Luang Phor Liew (II)

Pic : Luang Phor Liew amulet, Phrayant and statue created by Ajahn Chai Chum Wat Rai Tang Thong (Luang Phor Liew’s Da Shi Di 大师弟).

In my previous blog I mentioned on how Luang Phor Liew get his ideal on created amulet with the shape of a Turtle.

What is so special about the Phra yant of the Turtle? It is believe that this Phra Yant not only stop poverty and also cash flow problem. It also prevent unfortunate incident happening. This Phra Yant is also use for those who wants to win a legal suit or avoid any legal suit. Why is this Phra Yant so powerful? This Phra Yant is created by one of Buddha’s disciple name Sangkarchai.

Sangkarchai is born during Buddha’s time. Because of the good deeds he done in his previous life he is blessed with good fortune. It is stated that wherever he resident in the place it will flourish and turn prosperous. Sangkarchai has also an unique way of practising meditation and blessing. Whenever, he gives his blessing he use both hands cover his face. This is what we called Pidta Malahap (fortune and luck). The Katha Na Sang Si Mo has become his signature Yantra. If you are wearing or make offering to Sangkrachai you can recite the Katha of Na Sang Si Mo.

The shape of the Turtle represent the one of the five Buddha. In Buddhism Na Mo Put Ta Ya represent the five holy Buddha. These five Buddha can be represent as five holy animal. The five animal are Ox, Snake, Turtle, Rooster and lion.

The Katha Na Sang Si Mo also represent the Turtle. If you have google the rich katha you will find that the katha has included the words Na Sang Si Mo.

A lot of people have misunderstand that for those who practise Theravada Buddhism even once you get enlightenment you will reach the level of Arahang(阿罗汉). This is not true. It your heart that guide you not the way you practise. In fact, for Luang Phor Liew he has reached the level of Bodhisattva. That is why if you carry his image you will be flourish with good fortune.

A good amulet not only it has to be from a good temple a famous master, it also you must have good faith in it. Overcoming your problem not only you need to understand the law of Karma but you must have good faith in the amulet you carry.

In Thailand the people not only carry amulet produce by famous or respectable monks. They also believe that the amulet power have the strong connections with the temple (Fengshui).

Somdej (Wat Rakang and Wat Inn)

Pic : Somdej From Left to Right ( Wat Rakang Somdej and Wat Inn Somdej).

Note: Amulet Somdej Wat Inn is know as Brangkhoonphoon.

First batch of Somdej amulet is created by Ajahn Toh Abbot of Wat Rakang. However, before he become the Abbot of Wat Rakang he used to stay in Wat Inn. That why Wat Inn also produce Somdej amulet. No doubt the way the material in producing is also the same, the mould of the somdej is different. The early batch of Wat Rakang Somdej is thicker and the Wat Inn is thinner.

Usually from the outlook of the Somdej we will be able to identify the Temple that create the Somdej. Somdej Wat Inn usually has multiple step below the Buddha. It is believed that the more step it has is better. Of course the best is sixteen step. It represent the Somdej has blessing from the Deva in heaven. Somdej Wat Rakang has only three steps which represent the Buddhist’s triple gems. (Buddha, Dharma and Sangkang).

The material use to made in Wat Rakang are mostly for protection, luck, fortune and metta (loving-kindness).  As for Wat Inn, it is believe that there is a material inside the Somdej that can be used to make holy water. This holy water is believed that it can cure sickness. That why some Ajahn will put Somdej Wat Inn in their bowl with water and sprinkler on their devotee when they give blessing to them. Today this is still a practise.

The wrong concept people have is Somdej does not able to exorcist evil spirit. This is not true. The Katha used to enhance Somdej amulet is the best Katha not only to exorcist spirit but also enhance good fortune. Making friends around you.

So where people said that Somdej is a normal amulet. Think twice. It maybe common in looks but the material and the Katha use is something you cannot belittle for.



Pic: From Left to right : Kumantong(金童)created by Luang Phor Perm Temple, Luang Phor Phoon Temple and Luang Phor Yeam.

Kumantong chinese name(金童)often mistaken by as ghost child due to it resemble as a child. People always think that Kumantong is created to rest a spirit of an unborn child. The spirit of the unborn child who is aborted or miscarriage. All this tainted the real reason of Kumantong created by famous monks.

Please do not mixed up the real Kumantong created by respectful monks with the movie or novel legend character Khun Paen. Yes. Khun Paen created Kumantong is from his wife’s womb and he has only forty-eight to do it. It is because after forty-eight hours the spirit will goes into reincarnation hence it has to be made within forty-eight hours. This is so called the ghost child.

However, Kumantong created by famous Luang Phor are actually called Golden Child. In Buddhism’s term are called Lotus Child. They are the one offer Lotus to Buddha while Buddha preaches Sutra in the Western Paradise. The Golden Child brings good fortune whoever, owns it. Of course Kumantong have it limitation. They cannot outcast black magic. However, they can inform or alert you for preparation when there is trouble coming.

Usually people pray to Kumantong for side luck. There is no side effect in having a Kumantong created by famous monks (Luang Phor) as what they create is not ghost child.

Collectors of Kumantong likes to collect Kumantong made by these three famous temple they are Wat Brang Phra – Luang Phor Perm’s Temple, Wat Pailom – Luang Phor Phoon’s temple and Wat Samngarm – Luang Phor Yeam’s temple. It is believe that Kumantong for these three temple carrying extreme side luck.

The most famous temple for Kumantong is Wat Samngarm Luang Phor Tay. Luang Phor Tay is Luang Phor Yeam’s master. Luang Phor Tay’s Kumantong are famous for wealth fetching and side luck. Luang Phor Tay passed away and taught whatever he has know to Luang Phor Yeam. That made Kumantong created by Luang Phor Yeam as famous as Kumantong created by Luang Phor Tay.

There is no need any chanting of Katha in having wearing Kumantong. A lot of people worry that having a Kumantong needs any special chanting or special care. having a Kumantong is still life as usual. You don’t have to make any changes to it.

Kumantong created by famous monks (Luang Phor) can wear above the waist. However, those created by others (not under the monk lineage) have to go below the waist.

For those who having Sakyant on their body cannot wear Kumantong as the Sakyant prevent you in connecting to Kumantong. However, you can have a Kumantong Bucha to make offering.  Kumantong spiritual level are just like Earth God. As they are close to you hence in answer prayer like wealth fetching are better.

Nowsday, I observed that youngster does not know what they have been collected. They does not see the dangers of having Kumantong from an unknown source.  They believe that Kumantong using cemetery soil, corpose oil to create Kumantong are the most effective. They believe that the more evil it is the more effective it gets. Well you reap what you sow. However, a good Kumantong does not need to have that. If the master has a high level of meditation the Kumantong will be effective even the soil is the normal soil. Luang Phor Tay’s Kumantong is a very good example. There is rumors that his Kumantong are made from cemetery soil. This is half true.  Yes the red soil he used is from his temple backyard where beside is the cemetery. However, that is also the place he practise his meditation. That place become a holy place as his meditation has reached the level of Buddha (not Arahang). In Buddhism does not mean you reach level of Buddha you will be able to preach to others. How do I know? Because Luang Phor Tay’s meditation is taught by Luang Phor Mun. Thailand best in meditation. So the key point in creating a good Kumantong is to have a strong foundation in mediation instead of the materials.

King of Amulet Somdej

Pic : Somdej Created by Luang Phor Somboon (Year 2013).

Amulet Somdej is the king of amulets. The first person who created this amulet is Somdej Ajahn Toh. Who is a very famous monk in Thailand. He is also the one who subdue Nang Nak the ghost wife (This story has been made into the movie in 1999).

The creation of Somdej amulet is using the shadow of Lord Buddha’s meditation. It is where the Lord Buddha defeat Mara (King of Demon). It a symbol of success and overcome any obscure. The outline of around Somdej amulet represent the bell of the temple. Ajahn Toh’s belief that the bell of the temple represent enlightenment. He wishes that who wear Somdej will be able to get enlightenment.

The Somdej amulet represent Thursday Buddha. Hence, For those who are born in that day are even best to wear it.

Ajahn Toh use Jinapanjara Gatha as the as the spell to enhance the power of Somdej amulet. It is now every master who created Somdej uses the Gatha for creating Somdej. Jinapanjara Gatha is the Sutra pass down by Lord Buddha to one of his disciple Angulimala to bless one of the lady who is in hard labor. The one who kill almost one thousand lives in order to get his enlightenment. He is later subdue by Lord Buddha.

In Buddhism there are two types of Sutra. One is Parita (protection). The other is Metta (loving-kindness). Jinapanjara Gatha is under Parita (protection). It has been rumour that if you can recite Jinapanjara Gatha with strong focus it can even stop the penetration of knife and bullets. Apart of all this it can even prevent you from people bad mouth about you. As you are protected in all areas by all saint around you.

The ingredient in making an effective Somdej is also carefully selected. This make the amulet even more powerful. Some of the ingredient in Somdej are able to cure sickness. That why if you observe some of the master will place a Somdej in water when they bless the devotees.

Does Somdej enhance wealth on devotees? Does success in whatever you does consider wealth enhancement?

If you are a newbie in Thai Buddhism and wish to get a good amulet. I recommendation to you will be Somdej King of Amulet.

No doubt there is a lot of Somdej around the market (Local and Thai) there are a lot of fake amulet also. If you are getting an amulet. Please look into the detail like who is the master who created the amulet, material used.