Metta Senah Ritual

Metta Senah 2

Pic : Processing the Metta Senah Ritual for customer.

Metta Senah means people will have compassion on you.

Metta Senah ritual is for mostly people who are in sales or complex working environment. It is to improve the relationship between you and customer. There is a numerous way of doing the ritual. In the olden days, the ritual is to used fragrance flower oil and one big gold leaf for this ritual. However, due to modern technology the gold leaf and fragrance flower oil has made the ritual less effective. Apart from less effective due to the chemical use to process the oil and gold leaf some people with sensitive skins may face problem after the ritual.

Under the guidance of my master, I’m taught to use the same method to do the Metta Senah ritual by using the facial product provided by the customer. This is specially good for those who have sensitive skin. However, the facial product used must have flower extraction in it, in order for the ritual to be effective. This ritual is to use the Metta Senah Katha  on the product and devotees will use the product. The facial product together with the spell of the katha will penetrate into the skin. The spell will work whenever you goes you will be like by others. Will the spell break? Yes, it will that why one your facial product used up you have to do the ritual again. Metta Senah is not a ever lasting spell. This spell is for others to have compassion on you. Whether it your enemy of your associate. The ritual will help you to gain good relationship with your colleague or boss.

King of Amulet Somdej

Pic : Somdej Created by Luang Phor Somboon (Year 2013).

Amulet Somdej is the king of amulets. The first person who created this amulet is Somdej Ajahn Toh. Who is a very famous monk in Thailand. He is also the one who subdue Nang Nak the ghost wife (This story has been made into the movie in 1999).

The creation of Somdej amulet is using the shadow of Lord Buddha’s meditation. It is where the Lord Buddha defeat Mara (King of Demon). It a symbol of success and overcome any obscure. The outline of around Somdej amulet represent the bell of the temple. Ajahn Toh’s belief that the bell of the temple represent enlightenment. He wishes that who wear Somdej will be able to get enlightenment.

The Somdej amulet represent Thursday Buddha. Hence, For those who are born in that day are even best to wear it.

Ajahn Toh use Jinapanjara Gatha as the as the spell to enhance the power of Somdej amulet. It is now every master who created Somdej uses the Gatha for creating Somdej. Jinapanjara Gatha is the Sutra pass down by Lord Buddha to one of his disciple Angulimala to bless one of the lady who is in hard labor. The one who kill almost one thousand lives in order to get his enlightenment. He is later subdue by Lord Buddha.

In Buddhism there are two types of Sutra. One is Parita (protection). The other is Metta (loving-kindness). Jinapanjara Gatha is under Parita (protection). It has been rumour that if you can recite Jinapanjara Gatha with strong focus it can even stop the penetration of knife and bullets. Apart of all this it can even prevent you from people bad mouth about you. As you are protected in all areas by all saint around you.

The ingredient in making an effective Somdej is also carefully selected. This make the amulet even more powerful. Some of the ingredient in Somdej are able to cure sickness. That why if you observe some of the master will place a Somdej in water when they bless the devotees.

Does Somdej enhance wealth on devotees? Does success in whatever you does consider wealth enhancement?

If you are a newbie in Thai Buddhism and wish to get a good amulet. I recommendation to you will be Somdej King of Amulet.

No doubt there is a lot of Somdej around the market (Local and Thai) there are a lot of fake amulet also. If you are getting an amulet. Please look into the detail like who is the master who created the amulet, material used.


Yesterday, I came across in Youtube that there are Ajahn (master) provide special kind of service. It required the female devotee to be full naked and the Ajahn (master) will strip himself off to do the change of luck for the devotee. What I’m going to empathize is that for my belief and what my master taught me we do not do that.

There isn’t any shortcut or special ways to get your luck changed. Ritual that works is depend on how strict the master led his path and how he gain his merit. Chanting of Sutra and Katha are left by Buddha. There are precepts we Ajahn (master) have to keep in order for the Katha or chanting works. In short it is our vow and meditation that make the Katha works.

During my younger days while I’m training under my current teacher. I’m told that there is this so called Ajahn (master). Who promise a lady that he can change her luck by doing a special ritual. This special ritual required the lady to strip naked. The so called master will use fragrance flower oil and gold leaf to go over her body. In believing the so called master. The lady did what the master did. While perform the ritual half way the so call master strip himself and have intercourse with the lady. The so call master was later apprehend by the police.

Well if you talk about change of luck a good Ajahn (master) will not do that. Yes. There is ritual to do it but not in this way. The most common is offered prayer to Rahu. Of course there is bath blessing water (with clothes on) to wash away the bad luck.

Please don’t take me as those so called Ajahn (master) I mentioned above. They and me are different in practised and I confirm they have walked and will bring you to the wrong way.

Corpse Oil

Recently, I have watch Youtube. There is news on effect of using corpse oil to improved luck and charm. It a symbol that we are going to end Buddhism. People losing faith and trust on authentic Buddhism. They believe that using spirit is faster than praying to Buddha and follow way.

I cannot blame them having this kind of thinking. Indeed, we are moving so fast that we don’t even know. Everyone wants instant effect. That made way for the use of corpse oil. However, without proper knowledge on how to extract and proper ritual to make corpse oil with not only harm others it will also harm you.

You must understand that there is no shortcut in life. Everything you gain in this world is thru your gain of merit. Nothing is free. However, since people like to have more knowledge on corpse oil. Then I shall let you know the correct procedure in extracting the oil.

First, when extract the corpse oil from the corpse. The corpse must not passed away before 48 hours.  The body of the corpse must not store in freeze or frozen. Reason very simple once after 48 hours of the death the spirit will enter in another world hence you can’t ask permission to extract the oil. Why not freeze the corpse, so that you can extract the oil thru flame of the candle. The corpse can move upright for you to extract the oil.

Before, extracting the corpse oil. There is a few offering item to be prepare. (This part I will not write what item is required). After entering the room, the person will light a white candle and chant a Katha. He will ask permission if the extract of the oil is allow. If the corpse allow he/she will sit upright. This time the master will use the candle and burn the area below the chin of the corpse. Transparent liquid will form below the chin. This time the master will use a small bottle to collect the oil. Why small bottle because only small quality can only be collected. After, the collection the master will chant a Katha and he will use his hand to close the eyelid of the corpse. the corpse will fall back to it lying place.

After going back the master will chant Buddhism Sutra for days to appeased the dead before sold the oil. (Most of the master now skip this part).

You must understand that the oil is transparent, there is no smell to it and small bottle. The corpse oil is not cut the meat from the body and fry it. If there is smell and colour in the corpse oil it mean that it has mixed with some other oil. Usually is the flower oil. If you smell bad smell this mean the oil is extract thru other means.

The corpse oil are not supposed to be touched or taken. If you are down on your luck you will be even more down.

People always mixed up with normal flower oil with corpse oil. Corpse oil is illegal but flower oil is legal. Corpse oil due to black market it is expensive where flower oil is at cheap price.

What is the purpose of the corpse oil? It is used to control ones mind. However, due to the addict to the use of corpse oil. People will fall into the dark side – Greed.

Corpse oil will not enhance the power of the amulet. The spirit of the corpse will eventually residue in the amulet. Given time it will help you to get you want to addict to it. Once you fall on it, you will never recongised yourself.

Now a lot of master practised extract of corpse oil due to the demand market in China and Southeast Asia. Not knowing the harm of using corpse oil not only get yourself kill even your love ones get affected.

Before using remember you reap what you sowed. Karma is not instant but you cannot decline it existent.

Btw, don’t ask me for the Katha of the corpse oil or if I have sold any. I don’t have and I won’t entertain you. What I learn from my previous master for the corpse oil already gone with them. I don’t recall any.



Pic : Me with Lersi Por Gae Tai Fai.

Questions in people’s mind who are Lersi and what is the purpose of praying to Lersi. How many are there?

Lersi are ancient practitioner. They stay in the secluded area and majority lives on fruits. Most of them wear tiger skin as their clothing. Before Buddha’s enlightenment, he did went under the refuge of Lersi for several years. However, knowing that the way to Lersi cannot end the sufferings. Buddha decided to find his own path for enlightenment.

There are 108 Lersi. Actually more then that. However, we used 108 as a guide line. The most famous are the top five where people now are praying. They are Lersi Tai Fai, Lersi Na wah, Lersi Por Gae, Lersi Narai and Lersi Narot.  Majority of the people praying are Lersi Tai Fai and Lersi Por Gae.

Lersi Tai Fai are Lersi with the third eye. A lot of people understand that the Third eye is fire eye. Some even stated that once Lersi opened his third eye he can burn down everything because his third eye has the power of  Samin fire(三昧真火). It the same power of written in the journey to the west where the monkey king Sun Wu Kong is throw in the urn where he his burn under Samin fire for 49 days.  However, little people know the third eye know as Tong Tian Eye(通天眼). This eye has the power to see Gods, Heaven, Ghost, Hell, Buddha, Hell and even see the future. This eye is different from Yin Yang Eye(阴阳眼)where it can see only ghost. People make offer to Lersi Tai fai for Geomancy, fortune telling, medicine and spiritual guidance. It is know that once you place Lersi Tai Fai in the house all evil spiritual wander in the house will be dispel out.

Lersi Por Gae most of the Sakyant master offer prayer to him. He is know for written Kom (Sakyant) on leaves, paper and metal for devotees and also on the bodies. He is famous in his meditation and chanting. It is believed that Hanuman’s master is Lersi. Every time when Lersi is chanting Hanuman will sit on the tree and listen carefully. Most master prayed to Lersi Por Gae for recharge Sakyant on devotees bodies or even amulet and Tarkuts. That is why I normally invite Lersi Por Gae to chant for devotees. This is to re-charge their amulet and even Sakyant on their bodies.

For re-charged of Sakyant and amulet you can look for me @ 80 Changi Road, Centropod #02-39 Singapore 419715. Mobile No : +65 81009358.

Na Mo Put Ta Ya

People wonder why in Theravada Buddhist like to recite Na Mo Put Ta Ya? What does this mean? Is it the same as Na Ma Pa Ta?

In Theravada we understand that Buddha does not want his disciple to write down what he preach in fact he wants his disciple to practise what he has being taught and convent into his own meaning. Why? Because in Pali language words can be the same pronounce but different in meaning. Take for example Na Mo Put Ta Ya and Na Ma Pa Ta the firsst letter “Na” are different meaning Na Mo Put Ta Ya are one of the Buddha’s name Na May Ta whereas Na Ma Pa Ta the “Na” represent the four element Earth. Both written are the same but both different in meaning.

Na Mo Put Ta Ya are represent the five holy Buddha ( Previous, present and future Buddha). Na Ma Ta, Mo Ka Lu Na, Put Pa Ni, Ta Yi Tee and Ya In Doo using the first letter of their name to form Na Mo Put Ta Ya. Hence recite Na Mo Put Ta Ya are like recite the names of the five Buddha. Recite the name of five Buddha are good in protection. They can be used to create amulet or enhance the power of the amulet by recite Na Mo Put Ta Ya. Often when creating amulet by pressing the pims. The master or layman will recite Na Mo Put Ta Ya or Na Ma Pa Ta by pressing the pims.

The correct Katha for protection in case caught in the midst of arming can recite U Thang A Toe Na Mo Put Ta Ya. The meaning is from Heaven to Earth protected by the five holy Buddha.

There is a story that there is a master tells one of his disciple to build a big candle to stand on top and recite Na Mo Pu Ta Ya. He told his disciple if he is able to do that he is able to fly. (This of course not true, out of jealously he just want to get his disciple to get killed). The disciple did what the master said with strong faith he recite Na Mo Put Ta Ya numerous time and he flew away. The master see it quickly climb on top of the candle and recite Na Ma Put Ta Ya. Due to the hot weather the candle wick lights up and he is burn to death. Of course recite Na Mo Put Ta Ya does not make you fly away. However, the moral of the story tells you that in order for miracle to happen one must have the strong faith in it.

Na Mo Put Ta Ya has become the most holy Katha in Theravada Buddhism.



Pic: Palakit with image craft of E-Po (Male and Female Earth God). Material made of wood that float on the sea for many years.

Questions that people have in their minds why Palakit are craft in the shape of male organs? Why are there craft of shape of woman and monkey hugging on it? What is the purpose of wearing Palakit. The master that start this trend are Luang Phor Yit Wat Nong Jok. One night while Luang Phor Yit is meditating an old man appeared. He request Luang Phor Yit used that tree in the nearby temple to create amulet for the devotees. Upon agreed on his request the old man disappeared. Luang Phor Yit decided to craft the wood into the shape of a male organs – penis. Penis has been know as the source of life in sacred text. Males are know as the carry for the existence of lives. Hence you will notice famous or powerful amulet are created by male master. Female are the shell for the body of life. I know a lot of ladies reading this will start to said why so unfair. The world is fair. Females without giving birth are on the equal as men. However, once they have given birth they are nine step higher then males. It is because they carry the life for nine months. Their fallen tooth can make as an amulet for their own children only (must be after giving birth). The shape of male monkey and female are hugging Palakit are created by other master. They represent E-Po (Earth God). This is believed that it will empower Palakit. With this Palakit it can protect the wearer from black magic and good fortune. It is believed that if evil spirit meet Palakit. The spirit in the Palakit will flew out and outcast the evil spirit. Apart from outcast spirit Palakit is believed to bring sales in the business, as it represent the source of life. There is no specific Katha to Palakit. Different master have different Katha in making their own Palakit as an amulet.

The materials in making the Palakit is very important. It determine the power on the Palakit. Palakit must wear below the waist. Why? have you seen penis grows on the neck or above the head. Palakit suitable for both female and male. Most importantly wearing Palakit prevent black magic cast thru below the grounds. Black magic above from the sky can be protected by wearing amulet on the neck. However, from the ground may not be that effective.

Most of the practitioner will wear an amulet, a takrut on the waist and a Palakit in his or her pocket as protection.