Metta Senah Ritual

Metta Senah 2

Pic : Processing the Metta Senah Ritual for customer.

Metta Senah means people will have compassion on you.

Metta Senah ritual is for mostly people who are in sales or complex working environment. It is to improve the relationship between you and customer. There is a numerous way of doing the ritual. In the olden days, the ritual is to used fragrance flower oil and one big gold leaf for this ritual. However, due to modern technology the gold leaf and fragrance flower oil has made the ritual less effective. Apart from less effective due to the chemical use to process the oil and gold leaf some people with sensitive skins may face problem after the ritual.

Under the guidance of my master, I’m taught to use the same method to do the Metta Senah ritual by using the facial product provided by the customer. This is specially good for those who have sensitive skin. However, the facial product used must have flower extraction in it, in order for the ritual to be effective. This ritual is to use the Metta Senah Katha  on the product and devotees will use the product. The facial product together with the spell of the katha will penetrate into the skin. The spell will work whenever you goes you will be like by others. Will the spell break? Yes, it will that why one your facial product used up you have to do the ritual again. Metta Senah is not a ever lasting spell. This spell is for others to have compassion on you. Whether it your enemy of your associate. The ritual will help you to gain good relationship with your colleague or boss.